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The Tales of Menel Fenn Anthology

Kevin Nielson Updated
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Book information

Full Title
The Tales of Menel Fenn Anthology
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Other Contributors
Amanda Matthews - cover

Book Description

This collection of stories tells of the lives and loves, the heartbreak and trials of the men and women of Menel Fenn (Heaven’s Threshold). Each story is a stand alone adventure dealing with races and creatures from the very breadths and depth of the continent. From the noble elf, the proud dwarf and the mystic djinn, to their ancient enemies, the Chaos armies, which are seen in all their glory.

Meet the mystic Thesations and the ancient Sticks, fly in the greatest marvel of the time and witness the death of a city as it is swallowed in a volcanic cataclysm. Brave a mile wide whirlpool with intrepid adventurers seeking to return a dying woman to her home and save the Grey Elf nation, earning the thanks of the beautiful queen.

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