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Truth Devour Updated
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Book Description

From the Soliloquy’s Labyrinth Series comes the Adult Contemporary Fantasy with psychological undertones by author Truth Devour. The series is written in Truth’s signature style delivering a highly unique and inventive story that leads its readers on an epic adventure.

Illuminarium is the first release book in the up and coming planned five series. Author Truth Devour has intentionally kept the promotions of the series vague to ensure the readers are afforded the right to an engrossing, indulgent, surprising experience removed from preconceptions. Devour’s ability to write a true "story within a story," conveying the journey of the two main characters Harper and York simultaneously by utilizing her unique style of writing, manifested an unbelievable read and is an ingenious literary trick.

Any reader who loves fantasy, highly inventive works of literature or just an excellent book by a largely undiscovered author needs to get the first book in the Soliloquy’s Labyrinth Series - Illuminarium.

Book Blurb
I began to live within my continuum of full potential upon awakening to my own limitations of sight, sound and an altered understanding of everything previously believed to be known by me. My psych shattered before me in a trillion pieces reforming like mercury drawn into the shape of my true reality. Know this .... Understanding does not by default equate to truth because perspective will always be a relative state of shifting sands founded on our limited knowledge at any given point within a spectrum of time. Change is inevitable. Are you ready?

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