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Guardians of the Earth

Guardians of the Earth

Amber Dawn Updated
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Guardians of the Earth

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Guardians of the Earth
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

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They say once you turn sixteen everything changes, you get more freedom, a driver’s license, and you are closer to becoming an adult. That’s all true, but that wasn’t all that changed for me. My name is Nightmare and once I turned sixteen strange things started to happen. I gained powers, things tried to kill me and I found out I was a Guardian. I know you are asking yourself what a Guardian is, and I asked the very same thing. We are beings of Light, created for one purpose: to protect you from the Darkness and prevent the world from going dark. We are not alone in this fight; we have our animals, and they too have powers. The Guardians of the Earth are fighting to keep this world and will continue to fight; I will continue to fight for you, for my family, and for the Light.

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Guardians of the Sea
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