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Fading Futures

Zoltán Pósfai Updated
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Fading Futures

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Full Title
The Witchhunter: Fading Futures
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Rated for Readers
Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

This short story takes place a few hundred years before the main books, the Shadow series. New readers will be able to get a glimpse into the Witchhunter's methodical way of searching and hunting witches. Those who have read at least Red Shadow, will recognize the evolution of his personality and get a glimpse into one of his long overlooked, but important kills.

In the sixteenth century story, a witch plan is unfolding. Plotting behind the scenes, they are actually controlling history, starting and directing wars as they see fit. While leaders think they are pursuing their own goals, only one man is aware about what is really happening. His solution is to cut the tumour. As Muad'Dib said: “Now it is finished, for it ends here.” /Frank Herbert: Dune/

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