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Remnants of Night

Keri L Salyers Updated
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Remnants of Night

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Remnants of Night
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Remnants of Night

Book Description

Banished from my own world, I have been resting my wicked ways for a chance at a life that I’ve never known. Things were going well. Peaceful even. I have stayed hidden, in perfect control over my own... volatile nature.

Until a symbol of my dark past comes calling, asking for my help. Apparently things were looking grim for old friends and enemies alike. And now that same threat wants to make an enemy of me too? Do they even know who I am? I mean... was.

I'm not going it alone though. I have allies myself—such as they are—and I'm going to teach any who threaten my new home just who they are dealing with. No matter what.

You've heard of heroes saving the day but what about reformed villains?

If you like strong female protagonists, grouchy mages, inhuman assassins, lots of magic and the struggle to overcome one's true nature, you'll love Remnants of Night!

The first book in this delightfully addictive Urban Fantasy series!

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