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Charlatan's Magic

Patrick Bran Updated
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Charlatan's Magic

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Charlatan's Magic
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Charlatan's Magic

Book Description

Do you believe in magic?

Believing can lead to ruin. Not believing...that can lead to murder.

Not all the streets of the Jewel City glitter at night. Some are dark and twisted, places where trickery feeds off of superstition. A pickpocket like Ben might be used to these dark corners...but love can change a man.

Do you believe in magic?

For Ben, the answer could mean everything. Should he betray the woman he loves? Does he have a choice? Will he follow his heart, firmly in the grasp of the beautiful Athena, or give in to the crooked life he has always known?

Ben never meant to get caught up in Ming Loo’s plan. When he first met the old man, he’d been thinking only of a chance to get nearer to Athena.Then the lies began. Soon they were stacked so high, there was no hope of wriggling out from under them. In the end, Ben could only flee. What more could he do when the woman he loved gazed at him with such horror, when she thought him capable of anything...even murder?

Now, as Ben wanders the shadowed streets of the slum district, he fears that Ming Loo’s plot continues. Is the old man nothing more than a swindler with an evil tongue? Or is he truly a magician with the power to torture a man's soul?

Whatever the case, Ben must find the strength to act. If he cannot, the ultimate cost may be paid by the person he holds most precious.

Charlatan’s Magic is a genre-blending ride. It injects the page-turning intensity of crime fiction into the heart of a fantasy world.

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