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The Lords of Blood and Honey

June 19, 2017  
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The Lords of Blood and Honey

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Full Title
The Lords of Blood and Honey
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Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

Set in a strange and dangerous city Kingdom. When the King is murdered and the Queen banished; powerful forces vie for vacant Crown.

There is Cardinal Oblong, determined to build an all-powerful and even richer Holy Church.

There is Lord Chillhide, a powerful noble who seeks the Crown and a return to tradition.

And standing against them both, the towering figure of Lord Hardknot, Keeper of the Royal Honeybees, a man driven by love of nature and hatred for the Church. He seeks to restore an ancient faith that worships bees and honey, and has summoned dark beings to his hives to aid him.

Living within the gathering storm is Mr Pooter, a young man with worries of family and a new business. When a strange noble visits his office one day, Pooter is given a deadly mission that shatters his ordered world. Only one such as he, ‘a person rarely noticed’, has a chance of finding the new Queen and saving the Kingdom.

‘One of the most original novels I’ve read. Rich in imagery and the scale of the world created is fascinating.’
Kathryn Price

‘Hugely original. Pooter is a wonderful character.’
Dinah Ceely

‘A fascinating and well-crafted novel, crackling with a dark, dry wit’

‘Richly imaginative writing. Wonderfully evocative.’
Kylie Fitzpatrick

‘Compelling and poignant. A rich and interesting world.’
Frances Moloney


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