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Assassinating Custer

Guy Lozier Updated
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Assassinating Custer

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Assassinating Custer
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Assassinating Custer

Book Description

Assassinating Custer is Book One of The Disclosure Files. Based on the never before published Manuscript of William D. Nugent who fought and survived the Battle of Little Bighorn. Did President Grant's Administration funnel repeating rifles to the Indians to set up a False Flag Event? Did General Sheridan order General Terry to stop preventing miners from sneaking onto Indian Lands to mine gold? Did General Crook purposely attack peaceful Cheyenne Indians to stir them up? Was there meetings in the White House to plan a Secret War? Was President Grant's Administration considered the most corrupt one of the 19th century? Why did General Custer Arrest President Grant's son? Why did General Custer testify against President Grant's brother? Why did President Grant's son call General Custer a liar in the press? Did President Grant send geologists onto Indian Land illegally to search for gold? Did members of President Grant's Administration hide documents proving the Indian's innocence of the lies told in the press by Grant's Administration? Did General Terry withhold information from General Custer about the size of the forces of the Indians at Little Bighorn? Why did Captain Benteen refuse to follow his orders given him by General Custer concerning the Battle of Little Bighorn? Why did Major Reno refuse to follow his orders given him by General Custer concerning the Battle of Little Bighorn? Why did General Terry, General Crook, Major Reno, and Captain Benteen lie about the Battle of Little Bighorn? Why did General Crook not show up as planned for the Battle of Little Bighorn and then lie about it? Why did General Terry withhold his forces from the Battle of Little Bighorn while Major Reno and Captain Benteen were fighting for their lives? Was General Custer married to two women? Did General Custer have two sons? Was one of General Custer's wives and one of his sons at the Battle of Little Bighorn? Did General Custer shoot at one of his own scouts on purpose right as the Battle of Little Bighorn started? Did General Custer free an Indian woman from one of his scouts who was about to rape and kill her right before the Battle of Little Bighorn started? All these questions and more are discussed in the novel...

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