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The Indigo Prince of Temple Moor

Sadie K. Frazier Updated
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The Indigo Prince of Temple Moor

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Full Title
The Indigo Prince of Temple Moor
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  • eBook
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
The Indigo Prince of Temple Moor

Book Description

A lonely Prince searching desperately for love, denied his rightful place on the throne because of one deadly secret now threatening to be exposed.

A strangely enchanting woman wrestles with the demons of her past, her body brutally beaten, her soul broken and scarred by the abuse she endured under the malevolent reign of a King gone mad.

A chance meeting, evoked by the fervent pleas of the Ancient Ones of Olde, would soon lead Asher and Annestasia to discover where their fates may have intertwined in the lives they were intended to live before they were placed upon this realm.

Journey through a labyrinth of secret passages found within this kingdom, each choice made shifting and spiraling their future through one of the mystical portals to other dimensions.

Their spirits had been broken, and their souls had been tested. In the end, all that remained when all of the scattered remnants of the life they once knew were strewn about the ground was their love.

As the pendulum of power shifts within the forces of the Universe, a great change begins to take place, forcing those to choose which side they shall stand on as the light beings battle the supernatural beasts of darkness found within the Kingdom of Oculus.

The hatred surging through their planet only stood to fuel the embers burning in the hearts and souls of those warriors of light.

It was then, that they were rejuvenated.

It is then, that their powers were reborn.

It was then, that the weak, begin to rise.

The whole world watched, and would soon follow their command, bringing about the Great Awakening at last.

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