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Battlementals: Quest For The Harmonicon

Randy Lindsay Updated
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Battlementals: Quest For The Harmonicon

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Battlementals: Quest For The Harmonicon
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Since the beginning of time, fantastic creatures have lived in the magical land of the Battlementals. These elemental forces war with one another in order to dominate the universe. As long as the power of the six elements remains relatively balanced there isn’t a problem, but when one of the six elements grows too powerful it is time to summon heroes from earth and send them on a dangerous quest to restore the elemental balance.

Chase Freeman is a boy with a heart for adventure stuck living in dull Drifter Flats. Nothing exciting ever happens in his small town—until he sees the strange ball of light streaking across the sky. Along with his best friend Jordan, her little brother Luke, and Harlan the smartest boy in school, they follow the light to an American Indian medicine circle. Drawn into the middle of it, the four friends are suddenly teleported to the Battlemental dimension along with the school bully Brendan and his friend Lena.

As the universe systematically starts to disappear, Chase and his friends race to assemble the Harmonicon in a land filled with bizarre creatures in the middle of an elemental war. In order to succeed the six heroes must learn to work together, but can they do that before it’s too late?

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