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This Peculiar Magic

Jenny Kalahar Updated
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This Peculiar Magic

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This Peculiar Magic
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This Peculiar Magic

Book Description

“What kind of a crummy magical power is that?”
What if you’d been practically invisible for years and years, finally get visible, and then find out that you’re stuck with the world’s worst-ever magical ability?
That’s exactly what happened to Finley R. Thompson.
Everything about his new power stinks. Before he could even get used to the idea of his skill, he’d been whisked away to a tiny town somewhere in the stubbly cornfields of Indiana. There, he and a group of teens from around the world with that same peculiar magical ability will live and train in a giant building that looks boring and bland to the outside world, but on the inside …
The fantastic hallways of Flatch Academy are overwhelming and enchanting, but there is a dark, mysterious and frightening side to the Flats’ super-secret society. Will Finley find out the one truth that could change everything for so many kids who have been made invisible, too? And is he the boy they’ve all been waiting for for centuries?

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