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In Numina

In Numina

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In Numina: Urban Fantasy in Ancient Rome (Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic Book 2)
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Rated G (all ages)
In Numina

Book Description

This is the second Story of Togas, Daggers and Magic - for lovers of Ancient Rome, Murder Mysteries, and Urban Fantasy.

A rich landlord finds tenants are abandoning his apartment buildings, spouting tales of horrific events and whispering that the old gods - the numina - came alive and cursed the buildings.

Enter Felix, a professional fox. Dressed in a toga and armed with a dagger, Felix is neither a traditional detective nor a traditional magician - but something in between. Whenever there is a foul business of bad magic, Felix is hired to sniff out the truth. Now he must separate fact from superstition - a hard task in a world where the old gods still roam the earth.

In Numina continues to explore the fantasy world of Egretia. It borrows elements from a thousand years of ancient Roman culture, from the founding of Rome to the late empire, mixed with a judicious amount of magic. This is a story of a cynical, hardboiled detective dealing with anything from daily life to the old forces roaming the world.

Praise for the In Numina:

"In Numina provides readers a bit of everything -- chills, thrills, mystery, and romance. Highly recommend for readers of alternate history, mystery, action-adventure, and similar genres."
-- N.B. Willilams, author of Salt in the Blood

"Felix the Fox. Investigator, magician, lover, compulsive payer of debts. Highly recommended."
-- Jane Jago, author of Dai and Julia alternate Roman history

"In Numina - if you love a great mystery, fascinating characters with enough plot twists and turns to rival any theme park ride - this is the book for you! 5 stars all the way - highly recommended."
-- Rosie Chapel, author of The Hannah's Heirloom Trilogy

"In Numina is going to be one of those books I read again and again."
-- Anais Chartschenko, author of Bright Needles

Rich scenery, interesting plot twists, and enough danger to keep turning the pages. This story should be enjoyed by candlelight and with a glass of red wine.
-- CC Dowling, author of The Dharkstar Dragon Saga

Praise for the Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic series:

"Mehr creates a vivid cast and an equally vivid setting in which magic just seems to fit in perfectly."
-- Richard Knaak, NYT best-selling author ofauthor of Legends of Huma

"Mehr's imagined world based on ancient Rome feels at once familiar and dreamlike."
-- Ruth Downie, author of the Medicus series of Roman mysteries

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