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Moon and Star

Michael Bergonzi Updated
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Moon and Star: The Complete First Saga
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Book Description

Kaito is the son of the Shogun, heir to the Minamoto clan, and future leader of the Jakain people. Or, at least, that's what he's been lead to believe.

In truth, he's the byproduct of his times and the son of the rival Yoritomo clan, given up on his birth to secure peace. Kaito grew up thinking he'd become Shogun, But when a Feudal Lord is found dead. Evidence of the Yoritomo's involvement with other clans becomes apparent, and the Minamoto clan can no longer stand idly by and wait for a war to begin.

Praise for Book One

The plot is very well developed, it manages to attract the reader's attention from the beginning to the end.

Mike is a promising new author and I like the way he adds details to his story and keep it well paced at the same time.
You won't be disappointed.

The Complete First Saga includes both books in the Moon and Star storyline of the Jakai Chronicles. Buy your copy today and read the story in its entirety.

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