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The Hybrid Anunnaki

Guy Lozier Updated
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The Hybrid Anunnaki

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The Hybrid Anunnaki (The Disclosure Files Book 2)
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The Hybrid Anunnaki

Book Description

From the award winning author Guy Lozier comes book two the unusual book series The Disclosure Files. Half Fiction and Half Non-Fiction, Guy packs a punch that puts him on top of all the rest. Henry David Thoreau & Lindsay Gibb, author of National Treasure, would have to pull together to match Guy's cunning and imaginative story. Blurring the lines of reality, Guy unleashes new characters that make you laugh, cry and keep you glued to your seat waiting for the next page to find what happens. Mystery and intrigue combined with humor makes this read a must have. Picking up where book one left off in Assassinating Custer Book One of The Disclosure Files which is based on the never before published Manuscript of William D. Nugent who fought and survived the Battle of Little Bighorn.

William Nugent gives us insider information from one of Custer's closest friends. William had grown close to Custer long before Little Bighorn, having taken excursions with Custer as they took the Russian Prince on an outing in the west along with many other escapades.

William kept quiet after Custer's death as he was instructed that if he spoke to the press about what he witnessed and the events leading up to and after Little Bighorn, that he would find himself in prison for life or outright shot. So William remained angry for forty years until he couldn't keep it bottled up inside any longer. So he wrote his story down.

Then he tried to get it published. Some would agree to publish it after reading it but then as they attempted to publish, they would all withdraw out of fear. Something or someone would always stop them. William's story didn't agree with the story we are told in the history books but he was a first hand witness. His story told about things no one wanted to bring to light such as how the generals of his time, along with President Grant had lied to the press. William knew about some of it and guessed about other things. But William knew that lies were being told to the American Public. He wanted to set the record straight but for some reason, even after forty years, someone or some agency or family was not allowing the truth to come out.

Now that Guy's team has been formed, they begin to track The Beast as they prepare to investigate more topics chosen by the NSA to release to the world unleashing more secrets hidden from humanity.

In this book they track The Beast to Australia. While there they stumble on an alien that has been asleep for thousands of years waiting for Guy and his team to arrive. A new mystery surrounding a site with Egyptian hieroglyphs dating back over 4,500 years. The Australian Government has been hiding this fact. It falls to Guy's team to prove the validity of those Egyptian hieroglyphs and save The Beast as they prepare for the battle to save humanity from the New World Order that wishes to enslave humanity with the most oppressive laws and rules, turning them into nothing more than slaves to do their bidding.

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