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The Tarot Cards: Wand of Creation

Christina  Maharaj Updated
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The Tarot Cards: Wand of Creation

Book information

Full Title
The Tarot Cards: Wand of Creation
  • eBook
  • Paperback
Rated for Readers
Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

Book three in the young adult, fantasy adventure series: The Tarot Cards.

With Eidan defeated and everyone safely back home, tarot master, Clara, is excited to do something normal and non-magical again – go to high school. Although reluctant after having been missing for years, Alex, her best friend, agrees to go with her.

As if the whispers around him weren't bad enough, he instantly detects the presence of a malicious figure nearby and unusual events start occurring at school; events with the Wand cards behind them. And while they may not know who's under the cloak, one thing is clear, they're after Clara and they're willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain her – even threaten the entire school.

After toying with her and pushing her to the brink, they plan to use her martyrdom to their advantage and have her join willingly. Will Clara fall into their hands? Who's hiding under the cloak? And what do they plan to do with Clara? And who's the third party intervening with their own agenda?

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