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Moonlight Rogues: Origins

Alexa Whitewolf Updated
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Moonlight Rogues: Origins

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Moonlight Rogues: Origins
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Four wolves. Four alpha males. One town to bring them all together....

The lupo mannaro without a family....

Lucas was born to be king, until the price was too high. Now, he'll have to settle for alpha...if he can escape his past.

The vârcolac without a home...

The mountains of yore call his name louder than his parents' pleas to stay. But is he ready for what gate has in store, even if it means giving up his hard-earned freedom?

​The faoladh without a purpose...

One case was all it took. One mistake he could never take back. Now, he'll pay the ultimate price - exile.

​The lobisomem without peace...

Tristan chose to save his country, not knowing the price was his sanity. Is there really a coming home, for the one who's seen it all, and more?

A Moonlight Rogues novella to give you a taste of four amazing stories, each one filled with unique folkloric add-ons. Can be read as a prequel to the Moonlight Rogues series or anywhere in between the four major books.

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