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Mount Cruisiaris Asylum

Sadie K. Frazier Updated
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Mount Cruisiaris Asylum

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Full Title
Mount Crusiaris: The Chronicles of Travelstead Book Two
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Mount Cruisiaris Asylum

Book Description

Join Travelstead, the Gothic, Steampunk Warrior from another realm, and his unconventionalSidekick Elden, on this supernatural journey. Thrust through space and time, twirling and spinning through apsychedelic portal with brilliant bursts of kaleidoscopic light, they are sent spiraling out of control into the great unknown, disembarking on yet another adventure to save mankind from itself.They arrive at their next mysterious destination amidst a barren, desolate land, placed betwixtand between an alarmed and starkly dismayed assembly of psychologically tormented andoppressed souls. Their hysterically deranged voices echo throughout the corridors of MountCrusiaris Asylum.Travelstead is forced to face the demons of his past while attempting to rescue the vexed,phantasmal beings suffering from severe mental afflictions of the mind. They have beenpsychologically tortured, cast out from society for being unwell. All that remains is the cryptic shell of their bedeviled beings, teetering on a delicate precipice between life and death.Will he be able to save them from themselves?Or will he remain forever ensnared inside his own, tormented psyche for the remainder ofeternity?If he does not take control of the incessant ramblings of his subconscious mind, he may not makeit out with his life, or his sanity, intact!

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