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The Cusp of Magic

Sadie K. Frazier Updated
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The Cusp of Magic

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The Cusp of Magic Book One of the Zodiac Illuminaries of Ravenokh
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In a split second, the future Keaghan Graham dreams of shatters after news of an unimaginable loss shakes him to the core.
With hope of a new life ahead, he seeks to escape reality in search for an end to the inconceivable pain he is drowning in.
Will a supposed chance meeting with a triad of Magical beings give his life purpose again, or will this earth-shattering discovery further test his sanity and send him over the edge?
In his quest for peace, he learns that not one single moment in his life has happened simply by chance.
Every pivotal twist in fate will reveal his destiny in the exact preordained moment in time it was meant to.
Before long, it is evident that even through his trials Keaghan has been prepared to become one of the twelve warriors of the Zodiac Illuminaries of Ravenokh.
Because of free will, the choice remains his and lies within his hands now.
Will painful memories of the past keep him trapped within his grief, or will he rise to the challenge and accept the call of the universe?
Enlightenment awaits just beyond the Cusp of Magic.

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