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The AOA (Series Prequel)

Kester James Finley Updated
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The AOA (Series Prequel)

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The AOA (Series Prequel)
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Book Description

Welcome to Ardenwood, a new life awaits. Come as you are, no fear, no escape.

People are changing. Friends, family, and enemies alike slink from shadows with abilities beyond normal human comprehension. Superpowered beings, a step up the evolutionary scale appear bringing fear and panic. World leaders scramble for answers while evil plots dominance.

Off the shore of a sleepy coastal town, Elnia Island becomes ground zero in the quest for truth as the powers that be seek out profits, weapons, and manipulation. Under the cover of night, their actions will affect the entire planet's way of thinking.

Uprisings against the new and different seep into the mainstream while states away, a young girl becomes a target after displaying powers that threaten her very existence. Stay or go, fight or flee. For many, the game of life and death takes a dangerous turn, and the stakes are raised.

Humans, only better. For some, a blessing, a curse. For others, a sinister boon. For those willing to play hero, the Agents of Ardenwood is created to protect but everything changes as they find their greatest threat living in a regular world as superhuman turns out to be themselves.

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