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Daughters of Thine Lesser Evil

Robert Clifton Storey Jr Updated
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Full Title
Daughters of Thine Lesser Evil
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

Princess Angelterra, and her lady knight and trusted friend, Jeela, are being chased in a far away land as they set out on a treacherous journey to find a way back home. This second installment of the Vision Dream Series also follows the exploits of seven groups of allies located in seven separate parts of this world as they all attempt to do their part in pushing back against the evil sorcerer, Shutharja...

-FROM her narrow escape with the help of two wizards and a revered monk, only to find herself face-to-face with a dark and powerful agent of the sorcerer, Shutharja, in a horrible, dead place called the Devil's Forest. An agent of evil who plays a vital part in solving the quest riddle revealed to her in the "Vision Dream." Angelterra must find way to call upon her maturing magic to aid her in this dangerous showdown;

-TO The struggles of two awkward, preteen wizards who must unleash the true power of an ancient spell by tapping into their budding love for one another...

-TO Angelterra's childhood love who must sail his tiny three-ship armada directly into the heart of the enemy's massive fleet on a suicide mission to destroy the world's most unholy relic...

-TO Three young friends who find themselves with a diversionary force deep behind enemy lines. Each of them are trying to do their part while trying to stay alive...

-TO The treachery of one of Angelterra's trusted advisors during her absence...

-TO A young captain who is imprisoned after stumbling upon a traitorous plot. He must rely on a haunting, deformed girl with lovely green eyes and a surprising secret to help him expose the perpetrator...

-TO An expert archer who is entranced by a woman from a culture he once despised and must then leave her on a secret mission deep in enemy territory...

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