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Confederated Kingdoms of Bree

Kevin Nielson Updated
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Confederated Kingdoms of Bree

Book information

Full Title
Confederated Kingdoms of Bree (The Tales of Menel Fenn)
  • eBook
  • Paperback
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

The Confederated Kingdoms of Bree is a story of intrigue, and secret agents with hidden agendas sailing on the Kingdom’s most advanced airship. Dwarven built and powered by the revolutionary steam engine she is the wonder of the known world. The crew and passengers encounter a stick people in a civilization dating back to the ‘Death from the Sky’, the night the comet hit earth. Through them, they learn of a devastating earthquake that will destroy the Kingdom of LeFor. Now the passengers and crew lead by Captain George, and the Chancellor’s daughter, Ceara, must convince the people that within days the city and the entire population will be destroyed. In the story we follow the enigmatic Germon, that no one really knows and the passionate and beautiful Ana, who has a hidden past of her own. Ana must confront her hidden past as she journeys into the Breed Lands to negotiate the passage for the refugees fleeing LeFor. The story revolves around the city of LeFor, the panic that ensues as they seek to escape the earthquake before it ravages and destroys the kingdom. Against overwhelming odds, the characters find of love and friendship, and the common ground that binds people together in times of disaster.

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