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The Characters are Revolting

Kevin Nielson Updated
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The Characters are Revolting

Book information

Full Title
The Characters are Revolting (The Lost and Forlorn)
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

Location: The living area of one of the elite members of the Friday Night Dungeon and Dragons Club.

Setting: The air is cold and the only light comes from the smoky torch, a handheld bull’s eye lantern and a glowing gem.

Action: Within minutes the five men and women begin to fidget.

As the bickering and somewhat repulsive Dungeon and Dragons Players leave for the night their characters come to life. With each breath the adventurers voice their anger at their lot in the Game. From their Player’s choice of names to their impractical choice of clothing, these characters have suffered cruel and unusual punishment and they are determined that it will now end. But before they can begin their new lives, a Lich King needs to be slaughtered, treasure needs to be plundered and cool good stuff needs to be kept out of the hand of the credit-stealing Players.

The first tale of the Lost and Forlorn

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