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Dumbing Down the Ogre

Kevin Nielson Updated
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Dumbing Down the Ogre

Book information

Full Title
Dumbing Down the Ogre (Tales of the Lost and Forlorn)
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

Location: A hilltop overlooking a small valley

Setting: A plain wooden door, most likely oak.

Action: Gritting her teeth, the woman boldly stepped through.

“We’re here from the Abandoned and Forlorn Mercenary Company. We have information that is vital to your wellbeing and we need to urgently speak with you.”

The mercenary company begin their latest mission: to liberate the ogre named Smash. That’s S-M-A-S-H; Sebastian Mayhew Aloysius Septimus Harrington IV to his friends.

But does this ogre really need liberating? Will the mercenaries get to play detention and bang erasers? Or will the Tool, and his ten armoured knights riding legless horses, expel them forever?

A tale of the Lost and Forlorn

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