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The Acceleration of Time

Charles A. Turek Updated
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The Acceleration of Time

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The Acceleration of Time
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

What if you didn't need a time machine to travel through time? What if you needed no technology at all? Moreover, what if all you needed was the most basic of languages and a guide to show you where you can change from one time and place to another, by simply uttering a word? Bending genres and spanning everything from science fiction to fantasy to espionage thriller, this novel answers these questions and more.

A young agent for an international trade agency - the narrator - has remained the strong friend of a college professor who studies ancient science. The agent becomes the subject of an assassination attempt, and finds that his professor friend is not surprised. The professor has known all along that there are powerful people who seek the knowledge of the acceleration of time, and of the words that make it useful.

Crude men who seek only monetary gain stumble into possession of the ancient words that may be critical to the future of life in the universe. When the agent is directed to find the object that contains these words, he discovers that he is in competition with an ancient organization sworn to keep this knowledge from society at any cost.

Through mentally painful intervals of time travel, the agent learns that those who travel into the future must also live with the knowledge of the time and means of their own death. Knowing that he can prevent the terrible future he has seen, the agent must accept his ultimate task: Guide to the acceleration of time, a Timemapper.

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