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Hall of the Golden Crocodiles

Cynthia Marsh Updated
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Hall of the Golden Crocodiles

Book information

Full Title
Hall of the Golden Crocodiles - The Aten Sequence 2
Rated for Readers
Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

Aten is a desperate immortal. His fuel is almost gone and he needs to join his Uncle Lucie and help conquer the Universe. Now the powerful High Priest Neferhotep is on to him, his chances of getting into the treasure vaults of the Temple of Karnak seem even slimmer. As usual his travelling companions are no help at all - the irrepressible teenager Luke, the Egyptian lad Neferptah, the timid half man/half dog Druitt, the volatile Galasian Tuy and the cheeky computer Zoom keep letting him down. He’s also having problems with his secret project - the royal prince who likes to call himself Akhenaten - is not proving to be as easy to control as he thought.

So he comes up with the plan to put Luke and Neferptah into the Kap, the training school for Egypt’s young royal princes and nobility, in the hope the boys will find a way to help Aten get into the temple vaults so he can steal the gold he needs. But will this plan work after all his others have failed? Or will relying on two teenage boys and a young princess just lead to further complications?

Suitable for young adults and fantasy readers of all ages ‘Hall of the Golden Crocodiles’ is the second book of the Aten Sequence that sees Aten finally find his way into the vaults of Karnak Temple. But although he is now so close to his goal, events rapidly spiral out of control placing his travelling companions and the young Egyptians in terrible danger.

And just when he thinks things cannot get any worse, he is confronted with someone from his past. Someone who is possibly the last person in the Universe that Aten wanted, or even expected, to run into. So will Aten be able to get his gold, make his fuel and blast off to join his Uncle Lucie? Follow his adventures in ‘Hall of the Golden Crocodiles’ and find out what the fates have in store for our hapless hero, his ill-assorted space crew and the young royal Egyptians that he has drawn into his web.

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