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instantly engrossing
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Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite White: Dark of Winter Origins Short Story, #2 by Christopher Percy is a dark fantasy centered around two characters, Godin (age 19) and Keddic (age 7). Despite growing up with warnings about the dangers of wandering off, the two venture away from the safety of their home in Sumner, driven by a macabre curiosity and - like some youths before them - a desire to experience a rite of passage. After moving through the wreckage of neighboring Baern, Godin acknowledges that they are lost. Before they have time to come up with an escape plan, the mist rolls over them and they are confronted by the bodies of others frozen in death, and an onslaught of charging ogres that aim to cut Godin and Keddic down in a manner that conforms with all that surrounds life outside of Sumner. Godin and Keddic aren't only in the path of the ogres, but in the Dark of Winter's path of destruction. White: Dark of Winter Origins Short Story, #2 by Christopher Percy is instantly engrossing. It's unusual to find a short story that packs such a punch, but a combination of layered storytelling and fleshed-out characters makes its pages feel like the tale is far longer. This is my first dip into Percy's Dark of Winter world and it left me wanting more. If the intent is to grab a reader and hold on with a forceful, supernatural grip...mission accomplished. I recommend this story to all those readers who love an enthralling tale, but offer an equal warning: you won't be able to slip away so easily, so make sure you have time for the whole adventure. If this short story is any indication of what's to come, I have no doubt it'll be worth it. 
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