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Stick Your Neighbor

Earl Chinnici Updated
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Stick Your Neighbor

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Full Title
HOW TO: Stick Your Neighbor (Without Starting War)
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

Looking for a family-friendly card game that will provide hours of entertainment without quarrels or pouting?

This probably isn't for you!

Actually, the card game called stick your neighbor can provide hours of fun with little to no pouting or fighting so long as all the players understand and agree upon the rules before playing. That's where this little book delivers.

Though the rules set forth in this minuscule book are by no means "official," they should help create an environment free of bloodied noses or crumbled cards and pave the way to bliss even in the most dysfunctional of families.

(Disclaimers: Previous statements not based on reality. Results may vary. For entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk.)

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