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Gabriel Boutros Updated
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Montreal in the year 2039. Like most major cities, the air is poisonous due to unregulated industrial expansion around the globe. The war on terror has been going on for nearly forty years, with no end in sight. A few years earlier a small nuclear bomb was detonated on Canadian soil by a fringe terrorist group. This led to the American government sending in military advisers to help combat the spread of terrorism. Soon a militaristic administration was established, which herded the Muslim population into internment camps, curtailed civil rights and clamped down on dissent.
The main character is Allen Janus: everyone thinks he is a good husband and father, and a respected government official. But, despite having a good job and a wife and children who love him, he is dissatisfied. He finds little meaning or happiness in his monotonous life. He will do anything and lie to anyone to find some excitement to get him through his empty days. The physical decay of the world around him is reflected in his own decaying morality, and he leads a double life, gambling heavily and spending much of his time with a prostitute.
At home, he is faced with a relative who is well-loved and respected by everyone who knows him, creating feelings of resentment in Janus. In a moment of petty vindictiveness Janus informs on this man to the authoritarian government, leading to the man’s arrest and unintentionally turning the attention of the military police on to Janus and his family. Janus must now overcome his own weak character, as well as the secret life that he tries desperately to keep hidden, in order to save everyone from the web of deceit that he created.

Gabriel Boutros is the author of two full-length novels, as well as several shorter pieces of fiction. He spent 24 years working as a defence attorney in Montreal, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

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