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Up Against It

Mark Binmore
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Up Against It
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A book by Chris Henson with foreword by Mark Binmore.

Book Description

The official tag.
An account of my publicity tour to advertise a book and musical workshop by Chris Henson recorded in words and pictures, as we travelled and promoted.

The unofficial tag.
'Up Against It' is the book that possibly, finally puts a writer under the microscope following the launch of a book. A creative analysis of promotion, it examines topics such as what it takes for a book to get read, the encouragement it entails and what lays behind the scenes of everything promotional. As well as a keen critical edge, the book along with its predecessors 'Tour De Europa' and 'Versus America' gives dialogue, gossip, scandal with word for word conversations unearthed and reexamined. In an attempt to uncover the heart of sales, 'Up Against It' rummages frantically through an impossible film script, a publishing dinner, various book signings, radio interviews, a recording session, a London rehearsal and the launch of a theatre workshop. It is also a partial history, respect and love of friendship.

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