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Sunsets Etc

Mark Binmore Updated
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Sunsets Etc

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Sunsets Etc
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Book Description

'Fate always seems to pull the strings
I turned and you were gone.
While standing in the darkened wings
the music box played on.'

Sunsets Etc is a glimpse into the life of an actor as he settles into a new home and his retirement phase. A place to escape from everything. Rooms to walk around in. A garden to sit in. To think. To wait. But to wait for what? Of course none of this happens. Memories come alive, his ghosts cannot escape and so he revisits the past.
A beautiful friendship. The disheartening banal conversations with his parents resulting in a sudden realization that probably not all was what it appeared to be. Snippets of a forgotten love spoken in hush tones here and there. The fading roar of a director. His two patchwork women. A table. A step back into his acting life. Death. Decline. A sunset. A sunrise.

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