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Meeting Annie

Sam Makowski Updated
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Meeting Annie

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Meeting Annie
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Meeting Annie

Book Description

There are sympathetic stars beneath her soaring feet, and they lean down to kiss her toes. There is a field full of blue sky and bright sun, and grass that whispers her name. There is a house that seems lonely and aching, and she is its ghost.

There is a fresh grave covered with tears and flowers. There is a room with a sleeping dog, a crackling fire, a warm cup of tea.

There is a mother who was strong enough to let love go; a young man who plays piano and lives in his parents’ shadow; an old woman, who too has lost everything.

No, they are not him, but they are here and they are hurting and, just maybe, they can help her heal.

There is a girl, and this is her story: one of loss and grief, but more importantly one of life and love, of growing up and growing old, of facing fears and facing the future, of finding the strength to carry on even when there seems no reason to do so.

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