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thered Planet-1
General November 08, 2018
Perfect. The ending makes you smile.
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The style Mark Binmore adopts is deliberately pedantic and meticulous. In some sentences the distance between subject and eventual object can exceed 50 words. Precision and accuracy are essential to the narrator's fidelity to his feelings. He is the archetypal dilettante, with a sublime contempt for the world around him; the fake and tawdry trappings of the entertainment industry, for instance, allow him ample opportunity for invective, as do the clichés of the press. Yet when the banalities of gossip columnists are lavished on the actor, the lover is delighted. A throwback to the 1980s pop star fan magazines. A worthy successor to 'Beautiful Deconstruction.' Embracing the mandarin style of a Henry James and the self-referential qualities of a Marcel Proust, 'Everything Could Be So Perfect' is a classical display of fine writing in miniature format. Overall it's a haunting account of romantic love, the supreme idiocy that flesh is heir to. Very hard to say anything without giving a lot away. Imagine a first-person Death in Venice, updated to London, and you're along the right lines. A real pleasure to read a profound, believable and really intelligent "gay" novel, which is also deeply moving. The small intermission stories at the beginning, during and at the end might read odd. But unravel the subtext, what the author is really trying to tell you and you will understand the novel.
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