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Mixing With The Unknown

Russell C Brennan Updated
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Mixing With The Unknown

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Mixing With The Unknown
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Mixing With The Unknown

Book Description

Original horror books are hard to come by but 'Mixing With The Unknown' might just break the mould. In a nutshell, it's traditional horror meets 'Pulp Fiction' with some new twists on horror staples plus lashings of erotica.

John Spencer is a seasoned film scriptwriter of horror. He is jaded and looking for a new challenge and is offered a book publishing deal if he can come up with a different slant on the horror genre.

He sets about writing 'Mixing With The Unknown' but stretching his mind to it's limit tips him over the edge leading to dire consequences for characters he encounters as well as himself.

The extra twist is anyone buying the book gets to experience first hand the chapter of the book they like best and a nightmare scenario begins for many readers who are all loosely entwined with each other like the film 'Pulp Fiction'.

As well as new Urban Horror the book features new twists on Vampires, Possession, Ouija Boards, Ghosts, Witchcraft & Voodoo.

This novel also brings another extra to the table in the way of Ultra Erotica, which is one of author Russell C. Brennan's trademarks (if you have read other novels by him you will know what to expect).

The erotic element that was in traditional horror seems to have been lost over the years if horror films are anything to go by. The emphasis seems to be on violence and gore more and directors and writers often shy away from nudity never mind sex.

When Dracula first appeared there was an erotic element to it in both books and films and many a teenage boy would queue up for some naked flesh and brief sex scene (Which of course look tame today) via Hammer Horror films from the last century.

The bottom line for any worthwhile book is the story and this book is very much story driven and sex is just as much a part of life as violence, in fact more so. Also somewhere in this book, there may be the odd message lurking to prick your consciousness.

This is likely to be the first in a series of books so if you have the nerve to read this book it's time to mix with the unknown!

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