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Horror October 04, 2017
"prose is highly stylistic"
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"The first book in a new series, Peter Guy Blacklock's Rose Blood: An Anti-Verse Tale is a novel take on vampire legendry and the classic demon lover motif. The prose is highly stylistic, being both sexually charged and rather full of explicit erotic imagery, with many couplings between the various characters; it immediately brought to mind Anne Rice's Roquelaure / Sleeping Beauty novels. There is an overarching Dracula / Carmilla / Frankenstein influence, some very subtle tones from the Grimm's Fairy Tales, as well as shades from more contemporary works, such as those of Charlaine Harris and even the Universal Pictures monster films, with many creatures of the night such as ghosts, trolls, fairies and spriggans all making their appearances at certain points in the narrative. The plot is complex and refined, involving main character Mikael's being seduced by the spirit Lilith, then the woman Rebekah, followed the abduction of her sister Luwisy by an evil vampire sorcerer and the quest to reclaim her; tying everything together is the story’s meticulous treatment of magic and place, with various towns and castles to create a suitable backdrop for the fantastic tale. I would recommend it to those who enjoy both classic horror literature and contemporary erotica."

Richard Writhenon
March 9, 2018
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