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Jacks Dits

Paul White Updated
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Jacks Dits - Tall tales from the Mess
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Jacks Dits

Book Description

With hundreds of men, tons of military paraphernalia, complicated machinery, technological equipment, weaponry, stores and various other forms of kit, you could be assured that not every day was straightforward and undemanding. Equipment failed. People made mistakes. Accidents and mishaps occurred. Personalities and characters clashed.

Add to this mix the activities of matelots on a 'run ashore' in those far-flung, unsavoury and questionable seaports. Include beer, spirits, wine, women and song into the equation and the resulting concoction is a wonderful hothouse for the creation of imaginative narrative. The goings-on, from both aboard and ashore, created astonishing accounts of events to be told at stand easy or after a watch; when the exaggerated telling's of the day's happenings would be shared in the mess square.

This book is not one which simply and only harks back in nostalgic fashion to the past, Jack's Dits is an authentic validation, a historical record of royal naval social history; one told by the voices of those who served. It is a true and genuine recording of life during the Royal Navy's heydays, the late 1950's through to the earlier part of the 1980's.

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Jacks Dits - Tall tales from the Mess

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