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Juvenile September 14, 2017
Funny and interactive
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I received a review copy of this book and this is such a fine book to read to your children! I loved it so much and I do believe it is a very useful way to spend some time with the little one, while inspiring a love of books and animals. There is a strong moral angle to Muffy’s story and a quite real one, since this is a true event, as indicated by the author. While the illustrations help the child relate to the action, the final part where the author tells the real story is more for the adult reader and thus appealing to a different kind of audience as well. The beautiful images drawn by Brandon Rodriguez are very vivid and shiny in a sort of way. Since I read this book on a Kindle, my impressions about the format may not be as accurate. But I liked how the emotions were painted on the characters and the different variety of dogs included. I was not very fond of the way Valor’s wound was presented, maybe it could have been censored somehow, but this has not affected my rating at all. All in all, this is a very interactive book, with beautiful illustrations that will for sure catch the attention of children. Well, even I liked it, at my almost 30 years. Now I really wished I had a dog… 
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