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Juvenile November 22, 2014
5 amazing bees and flowers for this lovely book!
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I absolutely loved this book! It is really adorable and after reading just this one from the series I am convinced that the “Mummy nature Series” is fantastic to say the least.

The illustrations are very suitable for a children’s book. All faces have smiles, a lot of colors are used and each object of insect is very clearly portrayed. It is definitely a great way to attract the little one’s interest and can even raise one’s spirit. I was in a very good mood while reading it. The story is told in verse and it even has its own melody. I could easily see this in a song.

These particular drawings make the story understandable and appealing telling a bee’s story to a child who’s afraid of being stung is quite challenging, but the author has done it in a very enjoyable way.

What’s more important is that it is a very educative book as well. For example, there are lessons at the end in regards to different kind of flowers and kids are encouraged to find them in the story. It is both interactive and helpful.

As with most books I receive, I have a copy in a kindle format, so I can only state my opinion in regards to the electronic version. However, I do advise to purchase the paperbacks of all the books in the series! I can tell you I am adding this to the list of titles for my future child, whenever he or he may decide to come :) 5 amazing bees and flowers for this lovely book!
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