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“Life is all about turning the page.”

Robin Walker is not used to the quiet life. As a library clerk at the 58th Street Library in Manhattan, the disruptions come from office politics. But when Robin’s grandfather, Jon Walker, is found collapsed on Robin’s living room floor, Robin must brace himself for the worst. As he reaches out to family members, he holds onto slim hope that his grandfather will somehow come through.

Robin tries to find solace in his co-workers. But when his supervisor Sonyai Yi is locked in a private battle with head librarian Augustus Chavez, loyalties are tested. He’ll soon realize its not easy knowing who to trust, especially when his job could be on the line. As the days grow long and his grandfather’s time dwindles, Robin is suddenly energized when he dates Shinju, a beautiful Asian woman he saw months ago. When Shinju becomes a part of his life, Robin tries to find joy wherever he can. But it won’t be so simple, secrets are revealed, causing a great disruption that leaves the branch shattered. When this motley crew of characters finally comes together, a sudden departure leaves the library in a different place.

Book Endings: Loss, Pain, and Revelations is an absorbing slice-of-life look at characters on interlacing paths – trying to discover themselves. In this thoughtful sequel, life is what you make of it. Like books borrowed from the library of the universe, we’re only here until we must be returned to the earth… because our time is borrowed.

Praise for Book Endings:
"Riveting and complex...Smith's prose is crisp and sensitive, and his characters richly drawn. With its wild fusion of individual struggles and work politics, the novel keeps the reader thoroughly intrigued." - The Prairies Book Review

"Mellow and entertaining, I remember reading Call Numbers and being blown away...I prefer this one because of how believable and close to real-life it was." - Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

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