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A World Without Color by Bernard Jan
Literary July 05, 2017
High dose of emotions
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This is one truly emotional story! I must agree, the connection that forms between a pet and its master is formidable. In this book, we have an analysis of this bound, to its most sensitive aspects. So I can only appreciate what the author managed to express in this amount of pages.

The writing is very emotional and it depicts very well his emotions and conflict. Any pet owner will identify with his story and with all he has had to deal with. I used to be an owner as well, so I can relate to some of these states. As well, the connection he has with Marcel is presented in detail. Marcel is no longer a cat, but a piece of his heart, a life companion. All the events they had to go through together are heartwarming at least.

There comes a point in the book where I must admit I stopped enjoying it that much. While I understand that Marcel is important to our narrator and I can understand the attachment he has for him (due to the large amount of sentiments included in the story, I cannot address the cat as “it” as I feel I would offend the author’s intentions), I believe it is pushed to the extreme a little bit. I would address some of those lines to my boyfriend, or husband. I believe, as much as one would love his or her pet companion, addressing it with “my love” is a little too much.

“A World without Color” is a truly remarkable story, just not a story for me. While I enjoyed the writing and I appreciated the remarkable amount of emotions that this book offers, for me it was too much. Objectively, I would give all 5 stars for sure, but personally, I cannot give more than 3. So let’s maintain an average and go with 4 stars. Still, I would not recommend this book to readers dealing with depression, as it could amplify it.
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