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A unique, one-of-a-kind story...
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The Madness of March by Marguerite Nardone Gruen follows two lovers’ enduring love. It is a story about learning, growth, and transformation. A unique, one-of-a-kind story that readers will soon not forget. After losing his brother to drugs, Nicholas “Nicky” Newman painfully watches as his best friend, Paul Tanner follows a similar path as that of his brother. Being basketball phenomes, the two have scholarships for their university education. However, Paul stands to lose it all due to fast-living characterized by drugs and partying. That is until he meets Maggie Sardo. Maggie, on her part, has always had a crush on Paul. When she is introduced to him at a party, a relationship develops between them. Paul, however, is not ready to change and Maggie does not fit into his lifestyle. Still, Maggie’s love for Paul continues to grow and for Paul, she is like no other woman he has ever met. Will their relationship survive Paul’s habits or will the past prove too alluring? The story opens with a moving scene; of a basketball star close to losing it all if he does not change. Despite Nicky’s warnings, Paul continues to sink further into drugs. Maggie and Paul’s relationship contains many ups and downs which makes it realistic. Maggie is a strong character, having to stand up for herself and other times ignore the naysayers. Her stormy relationship with her father further reflects her strength and selflessness. Supporting characters give the story depth and they broaden the main characters’ lives making them feel authentic. The pace of the story is accommodating, not too fast as to lessen the scenes’ impact but also not slow such that the story becomes dull. The work also does a great job of covering its predominant themes which are: family relationships, friendship, romance, and love. Marguerite Nardone Gruen’s The Madness of March is a compelling romance novel that is entertaining and captivating for its authentic portrayal of relationships, unique narrative and the author’s excellent descriptive style.
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