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The Man Who Recreated Himself

Lazlo Ferran Updated
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The Man Who Recreated Himself

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The Man Who Recreated Himself - Third Edition: (21st Century Prophet and Redeemer Thriller)
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The Man Who Recreated Himself

Book Description

The newspaper headlines all asked the same question; is James Brennan the new Messiah?

Roy Lindermann's, MP for a ruling Liberal Party in crisis, is left a Top Secret folder by his dead friend Dustin Hislop. Investigating the folder's contents, he begins to unravel the story of James Brennan, writer, philosopher and, some would say, Messiah, who the Government put on trial for Treason.

Brennan has been under house arrest for years, his only communication with the outside world being a soundless, live broadcast on TV every night from his farm. Now the transmissions have suddenly stopped. Is he still alive?

As his investigation deepens, Roy becomes ensnared in a hidden world of intelligence, counter-intelligence, murder and deceit, which goes right to the top of Government.

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