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Mystery & Detective August 26, 2014
Must read for romance and mystery fans
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“Deadly Secrets” by Angel Sefer is a spellbinding mystery romance novel in the most beautiful and captivating of settings: The Greek Island of Mykonos. Our recently heroine Helena leaves England to visit her aunt Sophie on the island where she meets the ominous and charismatic yet not always likeable Dimitris. Dark, moody and with a sense of foreboding this story unfolds with ominous “greek drama”. The mystery around her father’s disappearance many years ago, secrets revealed in a diary and the muddy motives by the people around her throw Helena in turmoil and confusion. Against her will she finds herself attracted to the arrogant Dimitris, although her aunt assures her about the man and sees him quite differently. The writing is powerful and had a strong hypnotic spell on me. I was drawn into this great and intriguing story from the beginning. The chemistry and passionate, fatal attraction between Helena and Dimitris, the doubt and confusion were driving me insane. On top of that there are plenty of beautiful descriptions of the island and Greece. I am not always one for romance writing but Angel Sefer has great talent and knows how to tell a story. A must read for romance and mystery fans
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