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A Dead Husband redo usa & wsj
Mystery & Detective August 20, 2014
Great Characters! Fast Paced with a Murder to Solve!
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I love Jessica! What is there not to love? She's intelligent, cherishes the finer things in life, celebrates her divorce with a party and suffers periodic panic attacks that force her to re-examine reality every now and then--a state she attempts to avoid by indulging in high end binge shopping trips. Acknowledging she was letting her divorce 'send her over the edge', she tells 'St. Bernadette', her childhood family housekeeper turned confident , "I know I'm behaving badly right's like I'm starting over again, but I'm 33 not 23 or 13 and I'm less clear than ever about what I want to be when I grow up." This isn't news to Bernadette who has spent more time with Jessica than Jessica's own parents. Author Anna Celeste Burke invites readers into the upscale cosmos of newly divorced Stanford law school graduate, Jessica Huntington, whose world plummets with the turn of the economy, a childless marriage and her cheating husband. Though angered by life's circumstances, she refuses to fall victim. Life takes another unexpected turn when her best friend's husband is murdered. Jessica's fighter instinct kicks in when her friend pleads for her help. Jessica, with her 'cat pack's support,sets out to solve a murder! Great dialogue and descriptive settings are so vivid that as reader,you become part of Jessica's cat pack equally as motivated to solve this murder mystery. This is a fun read and I can't wait to read 'A Dead Sister' Ms. Burke's sequel to this novel. 
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