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Mystery & Detective August 20, 2014
Captivating and very enjoyable
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“Debt and Defiance” by Honor Amelia Dawson is the second in her engaging Luke Adams detective series and a worthy follow up to her strong debut. This time we follow the case of Leanne, a widowed mother of one. At her grandmother’s death bed Leanne finds out that her mother Karen should still be alive. At the same time her son Tyler wants to connect with his father and leaves Leanne all to herself. When she finds out that she has inherited a house from her grandmother Leanne decides to take this opportunity of being all alone to go there and learns more about her grandmother’s past. There she meets, amongst others, handsome Steven, who is a bit of a mystery, and she begins to understand just how complicated her family background is. Enter Luke Adams, the private detective and his team, and the investigation gets properly on its way. Like the first book in the series, a separate narrative digs into the past, in this case this goes back to 1941, telling us in episodes parallel to the main story how everything came to be. Dawson has written another fascinating story with engaging and intriguing characters and a particularly strong plot. Several times during the read I was sure I had figured it out, only to be gaping in awe at the twists and turns, up to the very end. The characters are very realistic and have depth and make this gripping thriller also a powerful family drama full of secrets and revelations. Captivating and very enjoyable.
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