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Savannah's Secret

Robin Murphy Updated
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Savannah's Secret

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Savannah's Secret
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Savannah's Secret

Book Description

Savannah's Secret: The Marie Bartek & SIP Team Series, Book 5 is a paranormal investigation novel written by Robin Murphy. Marie and her new husband, Cory, had just returned from their honeymoon in France, and were wondering how they'd adapt to being back at home again, when they heard about a supposed vampire attack in Savannah, Georgia. Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Tanner had been woken in the middle of the night by a squealing sound. She quickly dressed and ran out to the barn where the family's pigs had their stall. The young girl heard a lapping sound and was stunned to see a shape looming over one of their pigs. When she inadvertently made a noise, the figure turned and faced her. She was mesmerized by its golden eyes and watched as it swiftly scaled the walls of the barn and escaped through the loft. One of the family's pigs had indeed been slaughtered. Marie's psychic team was not entirely convinced that the report was for real, but Marie and Cory believed the Tanner family needed their assistance in dealing with this strange and frightening occurrence.

Savannah's Secret takes the team to the historic city of Savannah, and the characters they encounter while researching the Tanner family's vampire claim are unforgettable. While this is the fifth book in the series, Murphy provides more than sufficient background data to allow readers to enjoy this book as a standalone. I had a marvelous time reading about Savannah's rich and dark history and was especially intrigued by the literary themes that pervade this story about vampires, time travel and the culture of this historic city. Murphy's story is well-plotted, fast-paced and exciting. Savannah's Secret: The Marie Bartek & SIP Team Series, Book 5 is most highly recommended.

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