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Ghost Hunter: Pariahs

Martin J. Best Updated
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Ghost Hunter: Pariahs

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Full Title
Ghost Hunter: Pariahs
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  • eBook
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Ghost Hunter: Pariahs

Book Description

After a spate of inexplicable incidents, the refurbishment team at a former Roman Catholic orphanage refuse to continue work. Desperate for a solution, Project Manager, Alex McGregor accepts amateur paranormal investigator Malachi Hunter's offer of help. Mal and the ghost hunters find themselves facing a poltergeist manifestation on an unprecedented scale.

As the ghost hunters tackle the haunting, former MI5 agent Adam Ross is on an undercover mission to find information pertaining to The Fall, secret gateway to he Summer Lands, home of the Celtic Gods and their worshippers. Following a lead he joins a clandestine group called the Partisans of Taranis, directed by prominent politician Nathaniel Tarlock. To his dismay he finds himself part of Tarlocks insane quest to use The Fall.

The Partisans arrival at The Fall forces the ghost hunters to leave their investigation and confront them, the situation escalating rapidly. Even if Mal and his team can prevail, will they be able to live with the consequeses?

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