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Occult & Supernatural July 10, 2014
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"Dead Medium" by Peter John is an excellent novel based on the premise that the main character is dead and is trying her best to do some good from the other side. Our protagonist May chokes on a cake and finds herself in the afterlife, together with another ghost. Unseen and unheard by most they walk around their old environment and wonder what to make of their new existence. Together the two ghosts scheme to help a young woman in the real world. Much of the story is set in the circles of mediums and the author manages to give an amazingly accurate picture of these circles; the doubters, the kind of messages relayed and so on. As someone who has been to their fair share of seances I must say that this book does an excellent job at portraying these events. If mediums really speak to the dead than this is how I would imagine it to happen, too. However, this is a work of fiction and as such it works perfectly fine as just a great concept for this amazing story. I loved the two characters and their dynamics, their attempts to communicate and the goodness in May. The book seemed almost too short, I just had got used to the characters when it was over. This is a lovely book with a lot to like about it and I wonder what the author has up his sleeve for the next book. Very well done.
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