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Occult & Supernatural August 21, 2014
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"Drowned Murmurs" by Honor Amelia Dawson is a fascinating mystery story about an old house in Cornwall. Our heroine Michaela inherits it from an uncle she never knew and decides to move into the house with her husband Sam. Soon she experiences psychic or paranormal visions relating to some former occupants of the house. The local people she meets also warn her about the house but instead of fleeing, Michaela begins to investigate the history of the house. A parallel story goes back to Catherine, one of Michaela's ancestors from the early 1900s with a particularly fascinating background and mystery to solve. This is the third book by this author that I have read and it contains similar themes: it is a paranormal/ supernatural mystery, features strong female lead characters and an issue from the past that haunts the present. As with her previous books, Dawson has delivered a palatable and engaging story. The book is well written, cleverly plotted and truly captivating. As fan of historical fiction I enjoyed the segments set in the 1900s especially. The characterisation and the portrayal of family relations are further particular strong points of this author. Highly recommended
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