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Tour De Europa
July 15, 2015    
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So Recommended. A great read 5 STARS

I recently reviewed two of Mark Binmore's books and this book Tour De Europa goes behind the scenes as he promotes one of his books on a book tour across Europe. But this book is slightly different in that we don't get to read all the glories and successful moments but rather the unforeseen moments, a cancelled (postponed) appearance, a dispute with a German TV station, bizarre questions from interviewers and even more bizarre emails from his readers. The book has been composed in snippets so you can literally delve in now and then although I read it through one sitting. It's funny, witty, amusing, Mark is a person I would so love to meet after reading this, despite the fame and adulation his books have given him he doesn't seen affected in fact he goes out of his way not to be affected. It's amusing to read his moments with good friends, conversations and discussions are noted where in the real world they can be instantly forgotten whereas here the people involved get to relive historic moments. I would praise Mark and his entourage for allowing themselves to be observed as often is the case not all moments are positive. If an American book tour is on the cards still then the obvious thing would be to fly Chris Henson over and let him join in the fun. His writing is superb and I congratulate him on a worthy document. 

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John Simmons Written by John Simmons
July 28, 2015
Just finished and laughed at practically every page. The best moments are incorporating a mixture of positive and not some positive reviews alongside snapshot conversations and observations. Hopefully a second book will see Mark on a tour of USA because I really want to read more. Five stars. Worthy.
Ram Sweet Written by Ram Sweet
September 01, 2015
Behind the scenes at a book launch - forgotten conversations, great observations. Chris Henson writing is superb as are the antics of the subject Mark Binmore. As a reader we get to travel across Europe from one interview to another, radio station to TV talk show all in the world of promotion. Champagne is drunk, meals are eaten, hotel rooms are booked but what we get is a young new exciting author attempting to promote his book which he does successfully. A rumored book tour of USA is imminent - I trust Chris will be with Mark on his travels.
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Ram Sweet Written by Ram Sweet
September 01, 2015
Thank you for this review - it made me read the book and really enjoyed it.
3 results - showing 1 - 3