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Bumper Cars

Athol Williams Updated
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Bumper Cars

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Bumper Cars
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Bumper Cars

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An energy pervades this book, a raw, shocking energy. In an age when intellectual robots are in danger of taking over the world of poetry, here's something hauntingly different, something savage and visceral and human, a cry we cannot ignore. The 41 poems in Bumper Cars explore the possibility of peaceful societies by probing the causes of conflict. A central theme is "how we see each other determines the nature of the society we create." Ultimately, the poems are hopeful, believing that "with love we all will rise."

The poems in Bumper Cars contain my reflections upon the human condition and the state of our global society.  These poems are influenced by my actual experiences, as all poetry is, but is also influenced by my academic study in political philosophy.  I believe that humanity has greater capacity for love than hate, and that with structural change to our societies and awakening of our greater selves, we can make strides toward a more peaceful world.

"Athol Williams's writing is viscerally engaging. It brings the reader into the sensory configuration of the world he inhabits with his metaphors like living members of an extended family.  I was struck by the virtuosic skill inherent in the frontal simplicity with which he expressed the absurdity and hopelessness of the blind man's guile in The Blind That See - Version 1 - a rare poetic gift for incisive and acerbic observation."  Eugene Skeef (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts)

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